For When I’m Weary, Feeling Small

Photo of Canal Rocks in Western Australia by Rob Lewis---

Now nearing the end of a ten month stretch of work, I am nearing the bridge to cross over, rather than slogging through and being carried away by troubled waters.  Ordinarily I know better than to wait this long for a respite from daily clinical work, but in times of budget cuts and stressed staffing, vacation feels like a luxury, not a necessity.

It is essential to rest, and rest well. I’m ready.

Very soon our family will have five days together on Vancouver Island, at our favorite place to get away, Point No Point.  Then a day in Seattle for a Mariners’ game, back home to put up our hay crop, and then we’ll have the unique privilege to see Simon and Garfunkel at the start of their “Old Friends on Stage” tour.  Surprisingly, our children are as excited as we are to see these two artists singing together again, though their peers don’t seem to be as familiar with the great songs composed and shared with the world some forty some years ago.

It will ease my mind.  I’m ready.

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