For the Swing Back to Daylight

photo of the late afternoon full moon by Nate Gibson

I arrive at winter solstice today with a wistful deep sigh of relief.  True, three months of winter are ahead,  but the days will be lengthening as the darkness contracts.   Our home is not as far north as some, but our daylight this past week has felt so limited that when the sun does come out, I feel it is necessary to put on sunglasses to avoid a mole-like squint.

Still I cling to this swing gladly even if sometimes in the dark, my feet in the air, my muscles pumping me higher, the wind blowing my hair into my face.  It’s the ride I enjoy.

I appreciate the seasonal swings of light/dark, hot/cold, green/brown, alive/dead.  If I didn’t have the variance to anticipate, emulate and participate in, I would myself be too static, sitting too still on a swing that is stuck without movement or gladness.   A day like today tends to make me weepy~~I’ve made it through yet another cycle of dying back, and winter must be a restorative time.  This resting eventually prepares me for the overwhelming pace of spring and summer.   In fact, March through September is a bit too much light and during those months, I find myself longing for the early dark of December, if only to settle my nerves and calm my soul.

Even so, it is time for the swing to more light to return.  Seeing the moon rise at 3:30 PM is flat out disconcerting and not seeing a wisp of sunlight until 8:15 AM can be cause for concern for a worrier like me.  Will it never come?

I’m at the top of the swing arc, ready to glide back to the center, exhilarated and exhausted all at once.  The ride takes my breath away, but the air is crisp, cold, and generous.

And best of all, I can squint in the sunlight.



2 thoughts on “For the Swing Back to Daylight

  1. There is also a swing for some of us who have lost a dear one, especially a spouse in my case, where in going through this time of year with its Hallmark holidays the spouse left behind feels like a stranger in the crowd, no matter how friendly. The wing man is gone and the survivor is flying solo for the first time in a long time. shall we recognize the ying and yang of one ending being the start of a new reality? Will my darkness lift in a new Spring? Will there be a new rebirth? Can you see it from the top of your swing? Victoria

    • Victoria,
      your painful journey into the holidays is a tender thing; your heart fragile and still breaking from your loss. I know God is sitting on that swing with you. Bless you and your family!


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