The Forgiving Worm

We don’t think of worms very kindly. They tend to show up where we don’t want or expect them, as if they have no right to be living in vegetables (pea pods), fruits (cherries and apples) or other foods we like to eat. We think they should just stay put in the compost pile where they belong.

Worms definitely have an “ick” factor, especially when they surprise us, and that is hard for any creature to live down.

Yet worms are shy and lowly: when unexpectedly unearthed they dive for cover quickly if exposed to the light. It is helpful to remember the worm in the soil is critical to the health of the earth we stand on: enriching, aerating and fertilizing everything they touch so plants can grow and provide the food we need.

I think we owe worms an apology. And true to their nature, worms are very forgiving, whether they forgive the plow that turns their home upside down, or the bird that pulls them out of the ground for dinner, or the human who uses them on a hook to catch fish.

After all, worms know they win out in the end.

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