About Hankerings

We all have something we yearn for with all our hearts but may be just out of reach. 

For most of us, we hanker to find our way Home, whether that is a place we know or only dream about. We want to share our hankerings with our children and grandchildren, and ultimately it is how our great grandchildren will remember us even if they never meet us.

This is about how and where we spend our time, what inspires us to get up in the morning, and what allows us to close our eyes to dream at night. 

Our hankerings are ultimately about who we are as we search for who we wish to become in the memories of those who come after us. 

That’s what I hanker for.  Maybe you do too.  
Please share Hankerings with friends, family and children in your life if you find it worthy.

Emily Gibson

2 thoughts on “About Hankerings

  1. Oh yes I have some hankerings by golly ! I would dearly love to drive up to the next driving clinic with a brand new truck and horse trailer but instead I go in my 17 year old four horse stock trailer and unload my nifty little cart and drive my sweet haflinger Ariel around all these high dollar horses and high dollar competition carts … that arrive in their mucho bucks horse trailers etc… I simple enjoy the time I get to go out with my horse and admire the brand new spiffy harness everyone else is sporting and I harness my mare with her well worn but well cleaned older real leather harness and we have a grand time . I hanker for red lights to turn green before I have to stop to get to the freeway as I am headed home … I hanker for my dear hubby to have done the chores so when I get there I can unload and feed my mare and revel in the joy we had sharing our driving today in front of a bunch of shall we say much better off moneywise folks than we are … I hanker for more friendship from the gal that just started and is scared to talk to anyone and I hanker for God to give me the right words to say when trying to tell the guy to stop whipping his horse trying to load it in the trailer that is too short and too small for such a big scared horse … I hanker for the wisdom to step back and not tell him he is being a fool and stressing his wife out . I also hanker for the tub and warm water as I finish doing the dishes from a late supper … yup I have some hankerings too …. Peggy in eastern Wash .

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