To Keep a Promise

Whatcom County Sunset 6/5/11 photo by Josh Scholten

There is great promise in a sunset that paints the sky with the glories of today, while knowing a sunrise carries that palette to a sky on another horizon.

There is great promise in the knowledge that one’s life partner is there whenever you look up, no matter what, and you are there when he looks up for you.

There is great promise in letting one’s children go when they are ready, and providing the open heart and arms when they need to come back.

The greatest promise of all is that we are loved so deeply that heaven came to earth so that we can know it, without a doubt.

Promises, promises.  It all comes down to keeping promises.

I recommend this article by Lewis Smedes.

For A Moment of Reverie


One midwinter morning
I wake in darkness,
part reluctant
from your sighing side,
my warm imprint
left behind,
to start the day.
I wrap up in robe
to walk the gravel drive.

Our hilltop farm
lies silent
amid fallow fields
moon shadowing
broad across my path
star sparks overhead
naked tree limbs
barely shielding
the house from road.

In inky predawn
I walk noiseless,
step out to fetch the paper
from the mailbox then
A suspended flashlight bobs,
approaching on the road-
a walker and his dog
from the shadows to
illuminate my dawn
disarray, as
immobilized as
a deer in headlights:
my ruffled hair,
my sleep-lined face
not ready for bright light,
preferring to hide
endless night.


Today bright spring sunrise
wakes me early
by streaming rays
poured out on quilt and pillow.
I part from your warmth
readying for ritual walk.
Dew sparkles below
rich foliage above
road stretches empty
for miles east and west

Crossing to the mailbox
I reach for the paper,
glance across the fence to
see the neighbor’s cows lined up,
watching me.

Appreciative and nodding,
tails switching at invisible flies,
tongues licking noses,
chewing on serene cuds,
riveted by my bold approach.
They stare, then turn,
flagging tails in the air
when in rumpled robe
woolen slipper
I spin and twirl
a denouement
to ordinary life
extraordinary love
that survives the dark
to celebrate the light
in communion with you.