For The Decades to Slow Way Down

Point No Point 2000

Point No Point 2010

Ten years could not possibly have flown by this quickly.  Our three children no longer “fit” in a little cave on our favorite west Vancouver Island beach, but we still can spend a few days together appreciating each others’ company as five adults.   The games around the table in the beach cabin are a bit more competitive, the conversation quite a bit deeper, the meals prepared by expert 21 year old hands, and much of the time everyone has their nose in a book.  When we all climb in the hot tub together, we displace a lot more water now.  However, the three still work to build a sand castle with moat in order to watch the incoming tide collapse it with a few swiping crashing waves.

Another ten years will inevitably bring more changes but there is much about our family that will remain the same even as we spend more and more time miles apart.  I rest in that knowledge.  I’m simply asking for the passage of time to take its time.

Point No Point 2010

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