For A Sturdy Pair of Boots

One of the best parts of my day is when I go out to our farm house “mud room” and slip into my muck boots to go outside for barn chores.  I think rubber boots are one of the finest inventions ever and I typically wear out a pair annually.  It is becoming a tradition to get a new pair of barn boots for Christmas.

Why am I enamored of my boots?  They keep me protected from the mess that I trudge through daily in the course of my farm work.  The mud and manure end up on the boots themselves, rather than on me, it can be hosed off, and I come back in the house, doff the boots and tread around in nice sparkling clean stocking feet, unscathed.   If only life could provide muck boots for the rest of the stinky stuff I walk through in the course of each day.

There is no way to remain unsullied in that walk through life.   Despite hip waders, bubble wrap, teflon armor and the strongest soap,  we still manage to get messy, screw up and get plenty dirty, leaving muddy footprints everywhere we go.  We eventually feel like “Pigpen” in the Peanuts cartoons, literally radiating filthiness like a cloud.  There is not a total body muck boot available on the market yet.  Someone please turn a hose on me.

The Muck Boot Company slogan is: “Life Isn’t Always Comfortable; Your Boots Should Be.”  I think I’d add: “Life is a mess; make sure your boots are on”.

That is, until we’re told to remove them because we are standing on holy ground.  At that point, we will no longer need them.

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